New Release: e-hallpass Updates

We’ve received consistent feedback that our digital hall pass software, e-hallpass, is easy to use, but we are dedicated to enhancing the user experience at all levels. We are excited to announce the following new features in the e-hallpass app.

New and Improved Graphical Interface for Student Hall Pass

The interface for students to create a hall pass is more graphical. We no longer have “Pass Tabs” on the student hall pass creation screen. Students can also define up to 10 of their favorite “from” locations and up to 5 of their favorite “to” locations:

Adding and Editing “Favorite” Hall Pass Locations

a. To add their favorite “from” locations, they will simply type the locations from which they most frequently request hall passes and click the star to the left of the text field. Upon clicking the star, an icon will appear representing that location. This can be clicked in the future to streamline the hall pass creation process. If you import a photo of yourself, that photo will be utilized as the icon the students will click on (if you don’t, the icon will just be the first letter of your last name):


b. If students want to edit their selections, they can click on the blue pencil/”Edit” text in the upper right hand portion of the “Where are you” section and delete the icons you no longer wish to have. When they are done, they would click “Save” to save the changes:

c. To define their favorite “To” locations, they will go through the same process. They will want to click on “Choose from Admin selected teachers/locations” to see if their favorites have already been defined by an icon (these are the same icons you see in Proxy Pass):

d. Students can edit their selections the same way. They can click on the blue pencil/”Edit” text to delete any selections and then click “Save” when done:

Defining System-Wide Hall Pass Icons

In the new interface, admins can now define shortcut icons to be used to speed up the process of creating a new pass. In the example below, one of the school’s admins has defined icons for both the locker and water fountain hall pass locations. You will notice those icons displayed and you can click on them when creating a Proxy Pass for the student, or students will have them available when creating their own passes:

Ability for Staff to Associate Themselves with a Location

Students might notice that certain office locations can be defined as a “From” location. If you are a staff member, you should associate yourself with a room in your profile in order for the room to be available for the student to select. In the past, students had to know the person’s name, but now a location can be selected instead, as long as one staff or admin user has associated themselves with that location in their profile:

Student Photo Display (Optional) for Easy Hall Pass Identification

For our clients that send us student photos, we will now display those photos on the dashboard for active passes. This will help identify students, especially for hall monitoring situations to make sure the student’s photo matches up with who they say they are. To view the photo associated with the student, you would just click on the student’s name (in blue text) on the dashboard:

You will see the student’s photo upon clicking on the blue text:

SMS Notifications for Student Hall Passes

Your school may have enabled students to receive same-day text notifications for Appointment Passes that they have not yet acknowledged by email or within the application. If this has been enabled, students will need to enter their phone number and mobile carrier in your profile in order to receive these texts. They will also need to select “Yes” for “Do you want to receive text message reminders when you have an upcoming pass?”

We hope that these graphical updates, in addition to the ability to easily manage favorite locations, receive SMS alerts and add photos, greatly enhance your user experience (and that of your students)! Leave a comment below to let us know whether you’re enjoying e-hallpass, or complete our contact form today for a free trial!

Introducing Auto Pass for e-hallpass

What is Auto Pass?

Auto Pass for e-hallpass provides teachers with hands-free pass management (meaning no teacher action is needed; no PIN or click) for student-initiated repetitive passes such as bathroom, locker, and water fountain visits. It allows students using e-hallpass to activate the timer on their own pass before leaving the room (turning it from red to green), and upon returning stop the timer (turning their pass from green to gray).

How Does a Teacher Activate Auto Pass? 

There are two simple steps for activating Auto Pass — that’s it!
e-hallpass Auto Pass 1

1) Look at the Auto Pass button in the center of the e-hallpass teacher dashboard. This button shows how many Auto Passes are currently active. The “Rooms” are locations (such as restroom, water fountain, locker), which are customizable by your administrator to suit your building’s needs.
2) Tap the Auto Pass button, and in the pop-up (pictured), select either of the Auto Pass locations available to you. In this example there are two options, and “bathroom” has been selected. Selected locations turn blue. Click the “Close” button to submit, and the pass is activated!
e-hallpass Auto Pass 2

What Does Auto Pass Look Like for Students?

The student pass displays ‘play’ and ‘stop’ buttons for the location selected by a teacher.

1) Red Background: Student Auto Pass before student clicks ‘play’ button (to start the timer) 

e-hallpass auto pass 3


2) Green Background: Student Auto Pass once the students clicks ‘play’ (active pass) 

e-hallpass Auto Pass 4


3) Gray Background: Student Auto Pass after the student clicks ‘stop’ (pass complete)

e-hallpass auto pass 5


Questions Regarding Auto Pass

  • Does a teacher have to turn on Auto Pass? Yes. If you don’t turn on Auto Pass for your room, then the regular way of activating a pass remains (using your teacher dashboard or entering your pin on the student’s device).
  • Can a teacher use Auto Pass only for certain periods? When you want to turn Auto Pass on or off, simply click the Auto Pass button on the teacher dashboard and select or deselect any location, and those passes will instantly revert back to the teacher-required action (dashboard click or pin on student device).
  • Are Auto Passes still tracked via the dashboard? Yes. All Auto Passes will appear in the teacher and staff dashboards and information about them will be available in all reporting.

Tips to Consider for Using Auto Pass with Students

  • Provide students with a clear spot to place their device while on an Auto Pass. Some schools want to provide a place in the restroom to place the device, so that students can take their device with them. If students are to leave their device in the classroom, then consider using an empty desk near the exit, an area on the ledge of your whiteboard, a counter area, etc. This will help students know if somebody is already out on an Auto Pass (because they will see that the designated area is occupied by a device).
  • Let your students know that they are not to leave for the bathroom/water fountain until they have made eye contact with you and have shown you that their Auto Pass is GREEN (meaning the timer is active).
  • Train your students to make eye contact with you and show you that their Auto Pass is GRAY (pass ended) upon returning to the classroom.

To view a video example of Auto Pass in use, watch this short video.