Personalized Daily Schedules Tied to Learning Goals

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Scheduling Software for Schools

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Current pricing is $5 per user (tiered pricing and volume discount options available).

Interested in seeing how one of our partner schools is using this software? Click here to watch a TEDx talk.

Runs on all web and app platforms


  • Teachers enjoy more options, flexibility, and convenience
  • Teachers control their own schedule


  • Select teacher-offered activities
  • Create student-driven activities & learning goals


  • Menu choices/activity types can be modified
  • Visual icons facilitate ease of identification and activity selection


  • Ability to offer classroom activities that are not tied to the bell schedule
  • Teachers can schedule for students and override a student’s choices if necessary


  • Teachers’ offerings and students’ schedules are clear to all
  • Students’ choices inform teachers’ offerings


  • Convenient session check-in feature increases accountability
  • Teacher alerts for student check-in/check-out

Additional Features