Supercharge Your Activity Periods

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FlexTime Manager Scheduling Software

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Runs on all web and app platforms


  • Register their activity days in advance or on the spot
  • Can make changes anytime online
  • Enjoy having daily personalized choices


  • Create activities for students to choose from
  • Schedule their own activities
  • Have dynamically updated attendance data
  • Can add any student anytime (e.g. for make-up work)


  • Enjoy effortless management of thousands of students
  • Instantly know where every student is
  • Provide unprecendented flexibility and accountability
  • Foster student-teacher relationship


  • Handles all remediation needs seamlessly
  • Integrates mandatory remediation rosters
  • Lowers stigma associated with remediation

Peer Tutoring

  • One click tutoring management
  • Automatically matches tutors to tutees
  • Increase students serving students

Activity Type

  • Regular acivities (open to all)
  • Closed Activities (for special groups)
  • Remediation Activities (admin selected rosters)


  • Taken online by teachers
  • Updates instantly
  • Data from SIS is shared onto rosters