E-hallpass is used by hundreds of schools all over the country within many different technology environments.

Regardless of whether or not your school has iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops for every student, or allows personal use of cellphones, there is a way for your school to use e-hallpass and experience the benefits of digital hall pass management.
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  • Try e-hallpass in your school FREE for 60 days with our pilot program!
  • Current pricing is $2 per user annually (tiered pricing & volume discount options available)

Runs on all web and app platforms

Safety & Security

  • Know how many students are in the hall at any time with real-time updates on student arrivals

Reduce Classroom Interruptions

  • Significant reduction in classroom interruptions with our “Auto Pass” option
  • Newly introduced Kiosk Mode reduces impact of multiple classroom requests when access to devices is limited

Hall Traffic Insights & Reports

  • For the first time ever, see reports of hall time and traffic for any given period

Student Accountability

  • Flag hall pass frequent fliers, pass abusers, and stem problem behavior
  • Prevent specific students from meeting in the halls with our new A/B Polarity feature

Improve Efficiency

  • Student-created digital passes are efficient and more sanitary than paper or object passes

Appointment Passes

  • Appointment Pass allows teachers to schedule passes for students in the future, streamlining planning and communication

How It Works

  • All passes are cloud-based and visible from teacher & admin devices
  • Student devices can remain in the classroom instead of traveling with the student


  • Platform-independent web app works on all operating systems and devices (including Chromebooks, iPads, and even BYOD)
  • Mobile app also available on Android and iOS

Data Security

Student Privacy

  • e-hallpass does not use GPS or location tracking services
  • Students are not required to use their personal cell phones

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