E-hallpassClass (EHP-C) is a standalone version of e-hallpass that is intended to allow individual teachers to install

a limited version of e-hallpass for their classroom use for free.

Currently EHP-C is only available in the Clever Library (a free application portal provided by Clever to member districts).

Any teacher that has a Clever login and whose district participates in the Clever Library can install EHP-C at no cost.

E-hallpassClass is designed to provide basic digital hall pass functionality for a single classroom.

Teachers can enjoy the benefits of paper-free hall passes and can use EHP-C to track student time out of the classroom.

However, many of the other safety, security, accountability, and convenience features of the full version of e-hallpass are not available in EHP-C.

For more information about the amazing features of e-hallpass, please see the full product information here: