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FlexTime Manager Online Instruction

Moving Instruction Online? FlexTime Manager is Here to Help!

You can set up pooled online teaching within a school! Break down the rostered walls of Learning Management Systems, and pool your staff availability to offer support to all students.

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Original Use Case for School Remediation Periods

Personalized Activity Periods Without the Headache:
  • Seamlessly schedule enrichment and remediation
  • Provide student voice and choice
  • Allow teachers to offer what they want to offer and allow students to make their own selections (with teachers being able to override when needed)
  • Get off the spreadsheet, and put the “Power” back in your Power Hour

Newest Use Case: Pooled Online Teaching

Teach your school’s students regardless of whether they are on your roster:
  • Especially useful for remediation or open help sessions for any student
  • Teachers can offer lessons to any student in their school (regardless of whether they are that student’s teacher)
  • Students can sign up for subject area lessons (regardless of which teacher is offering it)
  • Easily manage attendance and record keeping

Additional Benefits: Expedited SPRING or SUMMER Implementation

  1. We implement and configure your system right away!
  2. We set up and train your users on YOUR preferred schedule, any time between now and the beginning of school, all done remotely!
  3. Be ready to go on day 1 with your flexible scheduling solution
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new year

Looking Back on 2019

It’s been a year of exciting growth for Eduspire Solutions, adding hundreds of new schools in 46 states! We’ve also made significant updates to our e-hallpass and FlexTime Manager software solutions, and we’re anticipating the release of even more updates in the new year. Here is a summary of our year in review and what’s to come:

FlexTime Manager Improvements During 2019

  • Synced Rosters: brand new feature that allows multiple teachers to keep their activities up to date by linking to a single shared roster that dynamically keeps all applicable rosters updated
  • Roster Improvements: teachers can more easily rename, delete, copy, their rosters in our improved User Interface design
  • Improvements to Lunch Logic and CatchAll: a lot of work went into improving the robustness, speed and performance of CatchAll and Lunch Logic
  • Connection to Additional Login Services (ClassLink & OneRoster): we have worked hard to make FTM easy to install and get schools connected.




E-hallpass Improvements During 2019



  • Student Mobile App: e-hallpass for mobile was released in the app store for both Apple and Android user
  • Kiosk Mode: this feature enables schools that are not 1:1 or have limited access to devices to use e-hallpass from a centralized hub location with multiple user
  • Connection to Additional Login Services (ClassLink & GG4L): we have worked hard to make EHP easy to install and get schools connecte
  • A/B polarity: this feature further increases security by allowing teachers to proactively prevent selected students from using the halls simultaneously


Upcoming FlexTime Manager Improvements for 2020

  • CatchAll by rotating calendar schedule
  • Admin ability to rename all the priority levels
  • Retro-active (bulk) attendance adjustments
  • Student registration report
  • Shared teacher attendance
  • Student mobile app
  • A/B Polarity for activities

e-hallpassUpcoming E-Hallpass Improvements for 2020

  • Pass limits by location
  • Audible teacher alerts
  • Reusable passes
  • Teacher mobile app

If you haven’t yet committed to using e-hallpass or FlexTime Manager in your school and would like to schedule a free demo for your administrators, please contact us today!

Thomas Jefferson High School Implements Personal Learning Time

This article first appeared on TribLive, by Trib Total Media | Written by Stephanie Hacke | September 26, 2019

personal learning time
Image credit: Kristina Serafini | Tribune-Review

Tranquil music echoes through the main hallway of Thomas Jefferson High School’s athletic wing during the middle of the school day.

Roughly 20 students lay on the turf floor, bending and stretching in meditative yoga poses.

In the gymnasium next door, it’s much louder, as students compete in a competitive game of bat ball.

While all of this occurs, a line of students step up inside the adjacent auxiliary gym and fire their bows in a new archery group forming at the school.

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flextime manager

Ridgewood freshmen to set class times under new flex schedule

Ridgewood High School freshmen will design their own weekly class schedules this fall under a new flex schedule program to begin in about six weeks, said Principal Chris Uhle.

Flextime Manager functions through the students’ school-issued iPads and gives students an opportunity to design weekly schedules, with the help of an adviser, based on their individualized academic needs. Read More

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flexible scheduling personalized learning

flexible schedulingIn recent years there has been more emphasis on personalized learning and giving students more voice and choice in their educational process. Is your school interested in learning how it can incorporate personalized learning into its schedule? FlexTime Manager, by Eduspire Solutions, is a software solution that makes flexible scheduling and personalized instruction not only a possibility, but one that is simple to implement. Contact us for a free demonstration today!
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FTM New Product Features!

We are excited to announce the following new features in FlexTime Manager to enhance flexible scheduling functionality:

Improved Student Attendance Functionality for Teachers

1) We have hyperlinked the student attendance on the teacher’s “My Schedule” screen. Instead of having to scroll through the days on the Student Attendance screen to see which students have registered for your activities, you can link to it directly from the activity on the calendar:
flex period scheduling
Upon clicking on the registration/capacity number, you will be brought to the attendance screen. If you are a multi-flex period client, you will still see the period tabs across the top of this attendance screen and you will be brought to the correct tab based on the activity’s attendance information you clicked on:
school attendance

Calendar Improvements

2) You might notice we have made some improvements to the calendar.  The day, today+4, week, and month views are more clear, and there is better spacing between periods and activities.  This is especially apparent when a teacher creates more than one activity during a flex period:
flexible scheduling

Editing Activity Blocks

3) Activities can now be edited the same way if you edit them through the “My Activity” versus the “My Schedule” screens.
a) To edit from the My Schedule Screen, you would click on the edit pencil icon on the activity block you would like to edit:
flexible activity blocks
b) You would then Edit your roster or other information, and apply the change to the dates you wish.  To Edit your roster, click on the Roster name in blue. After that, click on a checkbox to apply the roster change to all dates, the Master roster (meaning it would apply the roster change to any future scheduling of the activity), or you could just select specific dates the activity has already been scheduled for:
c) Alternatively, you could also apply changes the same way through the “My Activity” screen. You would navigate to the My Activity screen, and then click on the green edit pencil icon associated with the activity you wish to update:
teacher activity

d) You could then edit the roster or other information, just as you could through the My Schedule screen.  The only difference is that the My Schedule screen had the current day pre-selected as one that should be changed — the My Activity screen has no dates pre-selected. You can still apply changes to all scheduled dates (Select All), the Master activity (meaning any time that activity is scheduled in the future the updated roster will be utilized), or specific dates:
flexible school scheduling

Email and Text Message Notifications Available 

4) Please note that we now have current day agenda reminder emails and text and email change notifications available for students.  This feature is still in Beta testing. To enable this feature, you would go into “Enable Notification Settings” under the School Admin icon:
agenda reminders
You would then enable texts and emails if you wish.  Your students would then need to update their profile with their cell phone number and carrier information if they wished to receive texts when their schedule changes past 7:00 AM:
student sms
ed admin

Updated “From” Email Address for Notifications

5) Please note the email address that agenda and change email notifications will come from has changed — it is now  If you restrict email communications that your students receive, you will want to allow this email address to come through to help make sure students go to their correct flex activity registrations.
As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Eduspire Solutions Project Coordinator with questions about these and other features, and start simplifying your flexible scheduling activities today!

FlexTime Manager Single Flex Period Activities

Latest FlexTime Manager Release Provides New Scheduling Features!

Scheduling Multiple Activities Within the Same Flex Period (for Single Flex Schools)

For Single Flex schools (those only running one flex period per day), FlexTime Manager now allows for scheduling multiple activities within the same flex period!
What you need to know:

  • The teacher interface will look different, as shown below.  
  • Scheduled activities will show as a tile instead of the full day ‘card’ view.  
  • If teachers need to schedule more than one activity during the flex session, they simply click on the green plus sign and select the activity.  
  • Teachers can schedule multiple activities during the same flex session. Students will still only be allowed to register for one activity per flex session.

FlexTime Manager Single Flex Period Activities
The teacher’s Student Attendance screen has also been updated accordingly.
FTM FlexTime Manager Activity Scheduling

Updated Bulk Scheduling Functionality

General scheduling functionality has been enhanced and bulk delete functionality has been added. Teachers can now schedule an activity for multiple dates and also make edits or delete in bulk as needed.
Teachers will see a “Bulk Scheduling” option as shown below:
Single Flex Bulk Scheduling FTM
Teacher bulk scheduling screen:
SingleFlex Bulk Scheduling FlexTime Manager Activity
To make changes to the bulk scheduled activity or to delete any or all of the bulk scheduled activities, the teacher can open that activity from the calendar view and make edits or delete using the icons shown below.
bulk schedule delete edit flextime manager
Edit Bulk Schedule provides the teacher with the original Bulk Scheduling screen in order to make changes.
Edit Bulk Scheduling Single Flex 6
Delete Bulk Schedule provides the teacher with options to delete any or all of the bulk scheduled activities. The teacher must first enter Start/End Dates and Search for the Activity. Then the teacher can Select All or individual dates to be deleted.
SingleFlex FTM Activity Bulk
We hope that this enhanced scheduling functionality improves the user experience for all of our customers. Questions, concerns or suggestions? Contact us and an Eduspire Solutions representative will get back to you shortly.

peer tutoring

Introducing Peer Tutoring the Way It Should Be

Users of FlexTime Manager know that it simplifies scheduling, provides flexibility, and facilitates communication. We intend to streamline the administrative and student roles in coordinating flexible activity blocks and personalized learning time as much as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our new P2P (peer-to-peer tutoring) add-on module.
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Seamless Activity Period Management Without the Hassle |

FlexTime Manager for Personalized Activity PeriodsAt Eduspire Solutions, we aim to create technologies that simplify the lives of teachers and school administrators. It’s always a plus when we can streamline certain processes for students as well. FlexTime Manager is an innovative application which allows students to personalize part of their daily schedule, every day. For classrooms with device access (especially in 1:1 schools) who encounter administrative challenges when attempting to offer activity periods, FlexTime Manager is a versatile solution that offers on-the-go customization and flexibility and meets a variety of scheduling needs easily for students of all ability levels.
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