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BPHS to initiate the use of electronic hall passes

BPHS to initiate the use of electronic hall passes

hawk eye ehpe-hallpass, by Eduspire Solutions, is now available through the Clever app library and can be used as an instant hall pass via mobile device or Chromebook.

Bethel Park High School in Pennsylvania will begin their trial run on Monday, 4/22, as indicated by Stephanie Kroll’s article in the school paper, the Hawk Eye.

Still Using Outdated Paper Hall Passes? What If We Told You There’s a Better Way?

Eduspire Solutions, an EdTech startup founded in 2016, has developed a web-based software solution that has garnered national acclaim. E-hallpass, praised for its ability to improve classroom management and safety, has transformed thousands of classrooms across the country. See how your school could benefit from access to real-time hall pass insights, enabling better tracking of student activity, behavior, security, and more.

Enhancing School Safety

students Imagine being able to pinpoint the whereabouts of any student, anytime. E-hallpass gives teachers and administrative staff that ability. At a time when many schools are increasing security budgets, e-hallpass provides the peace of mind needed. “It’s an additional security measure,” said Adam Knaresborough, assistant principal at Thomas Jefferson High School in Pennsylvania. “Let’s say we had to evacuate and a teacher says, ‘Two of my kids are in the bathroom. I don’t know where they are.’ I could look and see who they are. I could see a picture of them, and it gives us that data real time of where they are so we can go find them.”


So How Does It Work?

E-hallpass is a cloud-based web and mobile application that allows teachers and students to create a digital hall pass at the click of a button, on any device and operating system. Instead of stopping class to scribble a paper pass, teachers can now acknowledge students’ pass requests virtually hands-free, with minimal disruption to instructional time.

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e-hallpass sms

SMS Text Messaging Feature for Appointment Pass Now LIVE in e-hallpass!

e-hallpass Update

We are pleased to announce that students now will receive a 20-minute and a 5-minute text reminder for their Appointment Pass(es) if you have chosen to allow your students to receive text messages with Appointment Pass.

To Activate Text Messaging

  1. As an Admin, go to the Control Panel Module List and make sure the SMS Notification is checked.






2. Please have your students update their profile information with their mobile phone number

e-hallpass sms





Other Updates

1. Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes

a. Now as an Admin under the Control Panel ➔ Pass Setting ➔ Pass Times, the Appointment Pass Awaiting Approval time can be customized for your school.




b. The default is set to match your school’s current Awaiting Approval time.
The Appointment Pass will still be sent to the teacher dashboard 5 minutes prior to the student’s appointment time, and then the NEW Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes time will be added to the student’s appointment time,
giving teachers a longer time to approve the pass.

i.e. If the student’s appointment is for 1:00 PM and you have an Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes time of 17 minutes, then the pass will move to teacher’s dashboard at 12:55 for teacher’s approval and will time out at 1:17 PM, if it is not approved by the 17-minute Awaiting, Approved for Appointment Passes Time which your school has set. If the pass times out, the Appointment Pass will change to blue and become a Missed Appointment.

2. Creating Appointment Passes Directly from Appointment Pass Dashboard

With the removal of the create button from the Appointment Pass Screen, it now requires fewer steps for a teacher to create an appointment pass for a student.

a. Click on Appointment Pass on the Left Navigation Menu Bar

b. Fill out information for your Appointment Pass

c. Click Submit to save the  Appointment Pass





3. New Color Legend for Appointment Pass





Pink – Future Appointments Yellow – Today’s Appointments
White – Waiting for Student/Teacher to Activate Green – Activated
Olive Green – Already Active Pass (can’t send new pass) Gray – Ended Pass
Blue – Missed Red – Cancelled

4. Teachers will receive morning agenda emails for their Appointment Passes as well as students

e-hallpass is More User-Friendly Than Ever, Thanks to the New Release!

New Release: e-hallpass Updates

We’ve received consistent feedback that our digital hall pass software, e-hallpass, is easy to use, but we are dedicated to enhancing the user experience at all levels. We are excited to announce the following new features in the e-hallpass app.

New and Improved Graphical Interface for Student Hall Pass

The interface for students to create a hall pass is more graphical. We no longer have “Pass Tabs” on the student hall pass creation screen. Students can also define up to 10 of their favorite “from” locations and up to 5 of their favorite “to” locations:

Adding and Editing “Favorite” Hall Pass Locations

a. To add their favorite “from” locations, they will simply type the locations from which they most frequently request hall passes and click the star to the left of the text field. Upon clicking the star, an icon will appear representing that location. This can be clicked in the future to streamline the hall pass creation process. If you import a photo of yourself, that photo will be utilized as the icon the students will click on (if you don’t, the icon will just be the first letter of your last name):














b. If students want to edit their selections, they can click on the blue pencil/”Edit” text in the upper right hand portion of the “Where are you” section and delete the icons you no longer wish to have. When they are done, they would click “Save” to save the changes:








c. To define their favorite “To” locations, they will go through the same process. They will want to click on “Choose from Admin selected teachers/locations” to see if their favorites have already been defined by an icon (these are the same icons you see in Proxy Pass):

















d. Students can edit their selections the same way. They can click on the blue pencil/”Edit” text to delete any selections and then click “Save” when done:










Defining System-Wide Hall Pass Icons

In the new interface, admins can now define shortcut icons to be used to speed up the process of creating a new pass. In the example below, one of the school’s admins has defined icons for both the locker and water fountain hall pass locations. You will notice those icons displayed and you can click on them when creating a Proxy Pass for the student, or students will have them available when creating their own passes:














Ability for Staff to Associate Themselves with a Location

Students might notice that certain office locations can be defined as a “From” location. If you are a staff member, you should associate yourself with a room in your profile in order for the room to be available for the student to select. In the past, students had to know the person’s name, but now a location can be selected instead, as long as one staff or admin user has associated themselves with that location in their profile:








Student Photo Display (Optional) for Easy Hall Pass Identification

For our clients that send us student photos, we will now display those photos on the dashboard for active passes. This will help identify students, especially for hall monitoring situations to make sure the student’s photo matches up with who they say they are. To view the photo associated with the student, you would just click on the student’s name (in blue text) on the dashboard:



You will see the student’s photo upon clicking on the blue text:









SMS Notifications for Student Hall Passes

Your school may have enabled students to receive same-day text notifications for Appointment Passes that they have not yet acknowledged by email or within the application. If this has been enabled, students will need to enter their phone number and mobile carrier in your profile in order to receive these texts. They will also need to select “Yes” for “Do you want to receive text message reminders when you have an upcoming pass?”
















We hope that these graphical updates, in addition to the ability to easily manage favorite locations, receive SMS alerts and add photos, greatly enhance your user experience (and that of your students)! Leave a comment below to let us know whether you’re enjoying e-hallpass, or complete our contact form today for a free trial!

Upgrades to e-hallpass

Exciting Updates to e-hallpass Digital Hall Pass Software

Exciting Updates to e-hallpass Digital Hall Pass Software

Eduspire Solutions’ classroom revolutionizing digital hall pass software has undergone another release, in which a series of updates greatly enhance usage for admins, teachers, and students. Keep reading to learn about our new features!

1. Auto Check-in PIN

The Auto Check-in PIN feature in e-hallpass allows an Administrator or Staff user to implement a room specific check-in PIN that students would use to ‘check-in’ at designated locations on their own. The student would be responsible for entering the room specific check-in PIN into e-hallpass (EHP) to show that they have arrived at the destination. Procedures for all other points of approval or PIN entries remain the same.

The Auto Check-in PIN feature is an optional feature for school Administrators to activate if they choose to do so. Admin and Staff personnel using e-hallpass will determine which locations will utilize the Auto Check-in PIN functionality, typically where there might not be a staff member immediately available to check a student in.  This number could be changed as frequently/infrequently as the admin deems necessary.

Possible Use Cases:

a.) The nurse is too busy to manually check-in every student the moment they arrive in the waiting room. The “check-in PIN” feature could allow the Nurse to post the check-in PIN on/near the seats in the waiting room. When students arrive, they would use this posted “check-in PIN” to check themselves into the nurse’s waiting room in e-hallpass, thus allowing the sending teacher to get an accurate timestamp of when they actually arrived.

b.) The librarian may want to post a check-in PIN to allow all students arriving in the library to automatically check themselves in. This may help in reducing lines forming around the librarian’s desk.

c.) The guidance office has students arriving and waiting for their guidance counselor to become available, who may be finishing with another student.  The check-in PIN will allow the sending teacher to know the student has arrived even if they are still waiting to be seen.

To visualize how this works, watch our brief training video.

2. Pass Limits

Pass Limits provide an Administrator with the ability to set limits on the number of passes for students. This can be done for all users, by grade year, or for specific students (either individually or by uploading a CSV list of students). The date or date range is specified, along with the number of passes allowed during the designated time period. The admin can also set the limit to reset daily or weekly or monthly.

Pass Limits can be set for the following:

  • Set for All — a limit is set for all student users
  • Selected Students — a limit is set for specific student(s), who are added to the system individually by searching the student name
  • Grad Year Students — a limit is set for all students of a specific Grad Year
  • CSV Student List — a limit is set for all students on a CSV list, which is uploaded to the system (the file only needs to contain a list of the student email addresses)

Other information about Pass Limits:

More than one pass limit can be set for the same time period. The most ‘limiting’ parameters will apply. For example: A pass limit is set for all users at 5 passes per day. An additional pass limit is set for Student A at 2 passes per day. Student A will only be allowed to use 2 passes in the system.

To see what appears on the various screens for different users, please watch this brief video.

3. Pass Blocking

Pass Blocking provides an Administrator with the ability to block passes for all users for a specified period of time. This can be done for any specific type of pass (Student Initiated Pass, ProxyPass and/or Appointment Pass) or all passes. When a Pass Blocking Period is created, users will not be able to initiate a new pass of that type. The Admin can create a message for students already out on a pass, with specific instructions on what to do during the pass blocking period. (For example: “Please go to the nearest teacher.”)

pass blocking e-hallpass digital
Example of admin screen














To view additional screens and watch Pass Blocking in action, watch our short training video.

4. Out of Office

The new Out of Office feature in e-hallpass provides any Admin, Teacher or Staff user with the opportunity to indicate that they are not available for a designated period of time to approve passes in the system. The system will notify and stop the student from creating a pass to the user that has set an out of office notification. The user will indicate the date and duration of the out of office time period as shown below. An Admin can set their own Out of Office or they can set an Out of Office for another user. Admins can also see all Out of Office notifications that have been set by Teachers and Staff.

digital hall pass out of office









To view more screens and see how notifications work, please watch our short training video.

5. Summary Reports

The reporting options in e-hallpass have been enhanced and now include a menu option titled “Summary Reports.” Admins, Teachers and Staff users all have this new reporting menu in e-hallpass.

Simply input the desired search criteria and click Search. The search results will be shown on the bottom half of the screen. There is also the option to Download the results to a CSV file. To start a new search, click Clear Filters.

This new reporting feature allows users to aggregate information easily by the following options: highest pass users, highest pass granters, or highest pass destinations.  Other filters can be added to select information on specific users, pass types or locations, and date ranges.

digital hall pass summary reports



e-hallpass summary reports data aggregate





6. Pass Reason/Comment Improvements

There have been enhancements made to how the Pass Reason (or student comments) and comments from a teacher, staff or admin user function in e-hallpass. When a student initiates a pass, some passes require that the student adds a comment, as shown below. (The Admin determines which passes ‘require’ a student comment in the system.)

e hall pass comments










For visual aids on how this process works, check out our brief training video.

Be sure to speak to your Project Coordinator if you have questions about how these updates affect student usage.

Happy with the new features? Want to request additional updates? Comment on our post or submit our contact form and let us know! We’d love to hear from you. 

e-hallpass: School Security When it Matters Most

The Online Digital Hall Pass Solution

Our application e-hallpass (EHP) is a ground-breaking software solution for 1:1 or bring-your-own-device schools, designed to modernize and simplify today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes. EHP digitally enhances both accountability and school security with easy-to-use cloud-based technology. Benefits include effortless hall pass creation and approval, instant logging of time in the hall, real-time hall traffic data, and powerful student monitoring capabilities. Its dynamic, cutting-edge dashboard captures all data related to student hall passes in order to revolutionize classroom management.

e-hallpass for School Security

school security


EHP customers are well aware of the classroom management, student behavior, and school security benefits of e-hallpass, but they hope that certain situations necessitating these added security protocols will never come to fruition.

In this article from the York Dispatch detailing a September 18th bomb threat at Eastern York Middle School, Principal Keith Shoemaker explains the school’s response to the situation.

In addition to increasing patrols throughout the school and restricting building usage, students are being required to use e-hallpass software to allow for better monitoring of hall activity, awareness of student whereabouts, and increased security.

There For You When It Counts

Thankfully, the bomb threat at Eastern York Middle School was a hoax (their second in as many weeks). Of course, no one ever wants to see such a dangerous and tragic situation become a reality, and we at Eduspire Solutions are no exception. But when the theoretical becomes painfully real, we’re reminded of the reasons we design our products with such capabilities — for the students, and for you, our clients who care about them.

For more information about e-hallpass or to schedule a free demo, contact an Eduspire Solutions representative today.

appointment pass

Updates to Appointment Pass Improve e-hallpass Experience for All Users

Enhancements to Appointment Pass

Back in June of this year we released Appointment Pass, a module for e-hallpass that allows school staff to create future passes for appointments with students. Think guidance counselor, scheduled early dismissal, makeup tests, etc. To jog your memory, consider revisiting the blog post from June 20, 2017 titled “Appointment Pass for e-hallpass is Here!”

At Eduspire Solutions we’re always working to improve the user experience and add more features and enhancements to our products. To ensure maximum utility and functionality, we’ve made some recent updates to Appointment Pass that will benefit both teachers and students. Here are some highlights:


  • Improved pass notifications/acknowledgements for students at 20 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Improved wording on passes: i.e. Instead of “Acknowledge” and “Go To Pass,” the alert will now say “Your Appointment Pass is now ready” at five minutes prior to the scheduled event, and a countdown timer will start.

Teacher Appointment Menu

  • No more “lost” pass details. The “Pass Details” will now stay in the table and will appear in students’ “Active Pass” list.
  • The teacher appointment menu will keep a complete record of all scheduled and completed appointment passes.
  • If an appointment is missed by a student, it will change to a different color to provide distinction between a missed appointment and an appointment that simply ended.
  • Improvements to the pass layout have made it more responsive on mobile devices.
  • Once students acknowledge their appointments, a check mark will appear under the pass info.
  • Improved color schemes.

Teacher Dashboard

  • Additional check box added to the teacher dashboard called “Include My Missed Appointments” so that teachers can see a more complete history.
  • Codes added to the pass info near the edit button indicating the pass type: “AUTO (auto), PROX (for a proxy pass), APPT (for appointment passes), and STUD (student-created passes).

appointment pass

Appointment Pass for e-hallpass is Here!

Introducing Appointment Pass!

Appointment Pass is a new e-hallpass module that allows staff to create “future passes” for appointments with students. We see this working for guidance counselors to build out their calendars (eliminating the paper chase), scheduling students to come to the office (eliminating call-downs over the PA), or any other time a staff member needs to see a student.

teacher create hall pass
Teachers can easily create an appointment pass for students from the new dashboard

Impressive Digital Hall Pass Capabilities

With Appointment Pass, teachers can now create passes on behalf of students, which is an extremely useful feature.

digital hall pass
Teachers can create passes for students

And with the improvements we’ve made to the teacher/admin interface, both current and upcoming appointment passes show up in the teacher dashboard as well.

appointment pass hall pass
Appointment pass requests show as current or upcoming in the new teacher dashboard
Online hall pass solution
Improved teacher/admin interface

We didn’t forget students — the student interface has been updated, too!

Appointment Pass electronic Hall Pass
New look of student interface

Be sure to contact an Eduspire Solutions representative to schedule a demo of Appointment Pass today!

e-hallpass digital hall pass solution

Introducing Streamlined Implementation for e-hallpass!

What Does Streamlined Implementation Mean for e-hallpass Customers?

Eduspire Solutions is dedicated to constantly improving its software to meet the needs of teachers, administrators and students. The changes we’ve made to our implementation process by introducing Streamlined Implementation (SI) will not only make it easier to get up and running with e-hallpass, but will make it possible for smaller schools to use the software without the same technical requirements and implementation costs that were necessary before.

SI Brings Choice to Schools on Technical Setup

Streamlined Implementation provides more choices for new customers. Schools that prefer to have Eduspire Solutions take care of more involved technical integration needs, or schools that require user integration with complex systems such as Active Directory or their SIS, still have the option of a full implementation. But schools that are comfortable managing many of their own technical set-up items, and that are willing to manage their own user provisioning and administration, now have the option of Streamlined Implementation.

SI Simplifies How Schools Get Set Up in the System

Schools can now manage much of their set-up independently. Users create and manage their own passwords. School administrators manage their own school settings for e-hallpass. Traditionally a full implementation usually required significant involvement from the IT department or other technical staff of the school or the district, but SI can typically be handled by local school administrative staff.

Shorter Implementation Time

Under our traditional full implementation model, the average implementation time for a typical school is approximately 3 weeks (not including user training and roll-out). With streamlined implementation, your school can easily be up and running within 1 week. So if you want to accelerate implementation, SI might be good choice for you.

Reduced Implementation Costs

Because Streamlined Implementation requires less work, it costs less! A traditional full implementation may not always fit into the school’s budget, but streamlined implementation should be much more manageable from a financial standpoint, especially for smaller schools. With the SI option, getting e-hallpass should be affordable for schools of any size.

If you are interested in e-hallpass but implementation costs or complexity have been holding you back, Streamlined Implementation may be the enhancement that you need to move forward. Please contact Eduspire Solutions for a specific quote for your school.

Note: Streamlined Implementation is available to new customers only.