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How Can e-hallpass Help You With Social Distancing?

Worried About Social Distancing for the Upcoming School Year? How will you comply? How will you keep students and staff safe? Worried about crowded hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms? What about germy hall pass objects, shared devices, and increased burdens on already-stretched staff members? Learn about 9 features of e-hallpass (such as contact-less hall pass management,

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Pooled Online Teaching Within a School: FlexTime Manager COVID-19 Update

FlexTime Manager Online Instruction

Moving Instruction Online? FlexTime Manager is Here to Help! You can set up pooled online teaching within a school! Break down the rostered walls of Learning Management Systems, and pool your staff availability to offer support to all students. Watch this short (3-minute) video Original Use Case for School Remediation Periods Personalized Activity Periods Without

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Social Distancing for Your Halls: Replacing Your Germy, Outdated Hall Pass

e-hallpass covid-19

Social Distancing for Your Halls Replace your “germy” or outdated hall pass system The Total Digital Hall Pass Solution: Get rid of your unsanitary hall pass objects Limit the number of allowable passes in the hall at one time Enhance security–Live dashboard view of who is in the hall Complete pass history increases transparency and

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The Vaping Epidemic in Schools, from The Bobcat Network

e-hallpass vaping

E-hallpass, by Eduspire Solutions, is again making headlines. Used by schools all over the country, e-hallpass is not only the ultimate hall pass solution but also a tool to combat the vaping epidemic in schools. The below article originally appeared on the Basehor-Linwood High School’s news website, blhsnews.com, and mentions e-hallpass as a vehicle for

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Reduce In-School Absenteeism in 2020 with E-Hallpass


Absenteeism Remains a Problem All the EdTech resources in the world can’t improve schools if students aren’t in their seats for the experience. Yes, it’s nearly 2020, and absenteesim is still a widespread problem. EdTech Magazine tells us that “As many as 8 million students were chronically absent from school during the 2015–2016 school year,

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