Introducing Appointment Pass!

Appointment Pass is a new e-hallpass module that allows staff to create “future passes” for appointments with students. We see this working for guidance counselors to build out their calendars (eliminating the paper chase), scheduling students to come to the office (eliminating call-downs over the PA), or any other time a staff member needs to see a student.

teacher create hall pass
Teachers can easily create an appointment pass for students from the new dashboard

Impressive Digital Hall Pass Capabilities

With Appointment Pass, teachers can now create passes on behalf of students, which is an extremely useful feature.

digital hall pass
Teachers can create passes for students

And with the improvements we’ve made to the teacher/admin interface, both current and upcoming appointment passes show up in the teacher dashboard as well.
appointment pass hall pass
Appointment pass requests show as current or upcoming in the new teacher dashboard

Online hall pass solution
Improved teacher/admin interface

We didn’t forget students — the student interface has been updated, too!
Appointment Pass electronic Hall Pass
New look of student interface

Be sure to contact an Eduspire Solutions representative to schedule a demo of Appointment Pass today!