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e-hallpass sms

e-hallpass Update

We are pleased to announce that students now will receive a 20-minute and a 5-minute text reminder for their Appointment Pass(es) if you have chosen to allow your students to receive text messages with Appointment Pass.

To Activate Text Messaging

  1. As an Admin, go to the Control Panel Module List and make sure the SMS Notification is checked.







2.Please have your students update their profile information with their mobile phone number

e-hallpass sms

Other Updates

1. Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes

a. Now as an Admin under the Control Panel ➔ Pass Setting ➔ Pass Times, the Appointment Pass Awaiting Approval time can be customized for your school.

b. The default is set to match your school’s current Awaiting Approval time.
The Appointment Pass will still be sent to the teacher dashboard 5 minutes prior to the student’s appointment time, and then the NEW Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes time will be added to the student’s appointment time,
giving teachers a longer time to approve the pass.

i.e. If the student’s appointment is for 1:00 PM and you have an Awaiting Approval for Appointment Passes time of 17 minutes, then the pass will move to teacher’s dashboard at 12:55 for teacher’s approval and will time out at 1:17 PM, if it is not approved by the 17-minute Awaiting, Approved for Appointment Passes Time which your school has set. If the pass times out, the Appointment Pass will change to blue and become a Missed Appointment.

2. Creating Appointment Passes Directly from Appointment Pass Dashboard

With the removal of the create button from the Appointment Pass Screen, it now requires fewer steps for a teacher to create an appointment pass for a student.

a. Click on Appointment Pass on the Left Navigation Menu Bar

b. Fill out information for your Appointment Pass

c. Click Submit to save the  Appointment Pass


3. New Color Legend for Appointment Pass

Pink – Future Appointments Yellow – Today’s Appointments
White – Waiting for Student/Teacher to Activate Green – Activated
Olive Green – Already Active Pass (can’t send new pass) Gray – Ended Pass
Blue – Missed Red – Cancelled

4. Teachers will receive morning agenda emails for their Appointment Passes as well as students

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Should Teachers Use Tech to Teach?

In this blog post from We Are Teachers, there are some great tips about teaching with technology. The main takeaways are to use EdTech tools to enhance student learning, not replace traditional teaching.
Many modern teachers have the goal of engaging students with learning activities that are fun as well as educational.  The struggle is finding the balance between integrating technology to enhance instruction versus letting tech take over. This article does a great job of illustrating that fine line teachers should walk with five key steps:

  1. Pre-Teach
    Finding EdTech tools that are relevant to classroom lessons can be an excellent way to prepare and excite even the most apprehensive of students. Apps, games, and other tech tools are a fun way to break the ice and introduce new topics.
  2. Enrich
    Tech tools make great building blocks that can connect the dots between lessons and concepts for students with a variety of learning styles, and they can replace more traditional, sometimes tedious classroom materials such as worksheets and one-size fits all activities.
  3. Support
    EdTech tools make great facilitators of extra attention and support that struggling students need.
  4. Engage
    Igniting students’ natural curiosity about what they’re learning brings an element of motivation to lessons. Teachers can solidify their instruction by incorporating tools that introduce an element of inquiry to an upcoming unit.
  5. Make it fun
    Attention and retention both increase when students enjoy what they’re learning. What better way to make learning fun than by introducing current tech tools?

Change the landscape of learning in your classroom by integrating technology according to these guidelines, and own your teaching!